75% of us are not engaged with our job… and that is the biggest challenge for startups and Fortune 500 alike. Welcome to nGAGE, each week we speak with founders of hyper-growth startups to hack their successful company culture and the role purpose plays within.
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Aug 10, 2017

Jonathan D. Villaire is an employee engagement expert consultant working out of Boston, MA. He is a former employee engagement officer and project manager for AIG and now heads Cognize Consulting, a firm he founded earlier this year. Jonathan has made it his mission to “make work human” and enjoys helping companies of all sizes better engage and interact with their employees.

On this episode, Jonathan talks to CJ about how companies can improve their workplace culture and strengthen their leadership.


Jun 8, 2017

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO of Flywheel Sports and author of EXTREMEYOU, is our NGage special guest this week. We caught up with Sarah at iConic 2017 Conference where she talked about her book as well as her position at Flywheel Sports. Sarah believes it is okay to fail, in fact, she encourages it-- curious? Listen to the full podcast here:

Jun 2, 2017

This week our guest is Dominic Price, Head of R&D and Work Futurist at Atlassian. As a Work Futurist, Dom helps employees engage with the use of the software. He focuses on supporting social change by encouraging charity involvement and is on a mission to change the traditional nature of corporate culture. 

May 26, 2017

Joining us in this episode is Larry McAlister, Vice President of Global Talent Management at Equinix who we met at the Bersin by Deloitte IMPACT 2017 Conference. Equinix connects the world’s leading business to their customers, employees, and partners inside the most interconnected data centers; or as Larry likes to call it, the internet’s landlord. Larry discusses his experience with employee engagement as well as Equinix’s mission to conserve energy. 

May 26, 2017

CJ had the opportunity to chat with Deb Johnson, Chief Learning Officer at Deloitte, at the IMPACT 2017 Conference hosted by Bersin by Deloitte. Deb is responsible for the overall learning and development activities for Deloitte Consulting and specializes in on-boarding, global development, and emerging business and talent models. 

Mar 23, 2017

 Three-time TED speaker, author, founder of the Business Romantic Society, and the CEO and Founder of Leberecht & Partners, Tim Leberecht is on the podcast this week.  He talks about how to create a healthy and meaningful business, and how those companies can thrive. 

Mar 1, 2017

IMMINENT Digital's CJ Follini speaks with David Zinger, founder of The Employee Engagement Network. Topics discussed include: new methods of the performance survey, how work engagement can prevent PR blunders that have occurred at Uber/Wells Fargo/Fox News, and his book, "People Artistry". 

You can find more about David Zinger on his website:

Twitter: @davidzinger

IMMINENT Digital on Twitter: @imminentdigital